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Emotional Health at Work deliver high quality, high impact, professional training. Our team has 20 years experience working with staff in over 50 local authorities and over 500 schools to develop emotional health interventions to be used in family support, education and to support good practice in staff teams.

“By far the best training course that I have ever attended” - Army Welfare Service

100% of participants would recommend this training to a colleague


Emotional Health at Work will help your team to build resilience, improve productivity, achieve and excel.  Work with us to transform your organisation.

Our core modules are:

Building Effective Relationships at Work

This module takes time to look at the principles of good relationships and provides skills for developing strong working relationships

Managing Stress and Conflict

In this module you will learn practical strategies to look after your own stress levels and discover tools to manage conflict in a positive and constructive way

How to have Difficult Conversations

This module demonstrates how to arrive at positive outcomes when tacking difficult subjects.  We focus on the key skills of empathy alongside effective communication

 Strategies for Family Life

This module helps you to manage the balance of home and work life as well as remembering to look after yourself

Modules can be combined or tailored to meet the specific needs of the organisation.  Workshops can last from two hours to a full day. Group sizes are typically 15-25 people.  All modules are preceded by an introduction to Emotional Health and its significance for both individuals and organisations.

Our training approach is facilitative, experiential, professional and exciting.  We know that you want practical strategies that can be quickly and easily implemented to immediately start making a difference in your team.  We understand what makes a good learning environment and pride ourselves on delivering training that makes an impact.

"It was a great mixture of the 'theory' and the applied. I left with actionable tips to take into my workplace"

On Purpose

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“I am excited about using my new ‘toolbox’ in all aspects, both professionally and personally”

Army Welfare Service


“It was really engaging, eye opening and gets you to talk about perspectives on people and their emotions. Really great session, exceeded my expectations.”

Fossil Group Team Member