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Emotionally healthy people are engaged, focused, productive and motivated. Emotionally healthy organisations recruit and retain talented people, have lower levels of stress, reduced absenteeism and improved mental and physical health. Emotional Health at Work will help your team to build resilience, improve productivity and achieve.

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This was one of the most engaging and lively training sessions I’ve been to - really well structured “lesson plan”. Thank you
— On Purpose 2017 Associate

Use the 7 competencies of emotional health to boost employee engagement and productivity. Find out more

7 competencies of emotional health

11.7 million days lost to work related stress, depression or anxiety last year. *

Ensure that emotional health is included in your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). Find out more


*(Source) Labour Force Survey 2015-16

Flexible, practical and interactive sessions to support learning and development. Find out more

"Engaging, eye-opening perspectives on people and their emotions. Really great session, exceeded my expectations."



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Emotional health at home has a direct benefit on emotional health, productivity and engagement at work
— Nick Haisman-Smith